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find free backing tracks by Session ID or see what the text search will find

Every jamtrack comes with a unique session ID-number.
Recall a session by entering this session-ID into the searchbox displayed on the top-right corner
visit any jam by entering its track ID into the search form

To flip thru the sessions in the chronological order in wich they they were uploaded (p.e. when checking the latest contributions), use the small up- and downward arrows on the right of the Form. Theese arrows will take you to the next lower or higher jamtrack ID.

If you enter a tracks ID and get an 'Ooops, session not found' message, the track was either erased by its uploader, taken down by administration OR the track ID has not been in use at all. Just try again :)

The search box also allows you to enter text - enter a user name, or any other search term and see what the textsearch will come up with. If you are not keen on chosing the instruments or excluding a certain instrument from your search results (which you may do on the standard backing track search engine), this is a second option to find jams on wikiloops.

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