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keeping track of good musicians - the follow function

If you wish to keep track of a musicians action on wikiloops, you may start following him or her.
From then on, you will receive a notification to your News-Feed (to be found following "My wikiloops" to your profile page).

Again, the this function is available to registered members only.

To start following a musician, do as follows:
If you are browsing the sessions in the jam-view and discover a musician who is to your liking, first open the user's jam-room by clicking on his avatar-picture.
In the jamroom (user info in the right column), there is a "follow" button with which you may use.
If you are browsing for musicians using the 'musician-search', you'll find the same button is available in the member's profile in the navigation bar.

If you would like to receive a notification email whenever one of the musicians you are following uploads a new track, you may enable this notification on the settings page located on your profile.

If you wish to stop following a musician, you will find a link to do that in your profile -> settings tab, too.

As this feature is meant to help keeping track of the people you like, there is no 'accept friendship'-procedure involved when following someone. To see an overview of whom you are following and by whom you are being followed up, have a look at the "About me" tab on your profile page!

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