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from Template to Remix and back - adding and removing musicians from a session

Every musician participating in a jam is shown in the jam view. The musicians are added from top to bottom, their position in the chain of remixing is displayed left of the users picture, starting with the session template followed by the remix steps.The musicians tab shows all participants of a collaboration in the order of their remixes

No matter how many musicians have posted remixes, all previous mixing steps stay available, and the mix you are listening to is the one provided by the member shown at the bottom of the list.
There is two ways to navigate within the remixes: To hear a previous remix with less involved musicians, you may click on the stated remix position or remove instruments by clicking on the instrument displayed.
You will get to hear the backing to which the removed musician(s) played along to.
The oposite direction of navigating would be to listen to remixes of your current track where other members added more instruments. These tracks will be displayed as "available remixes" below the list of members.
You may join the jam with a remix at any stage of the session - even if there is another version with your instrument already available. This way, wikiloops jamtracks branch out to various, sometimes surprisingly different directions
Another great way of visualizing the way one template session may end up with various branches of remixes is the so called "remix tree" you will find in the Remixes Tab - top of the tree is the template, while the diffrent branches are made up of the remixes displayed. Note that the currently playing mix is shown with a red outline, so you will keep an overview.
The remix tree shows all branches of a collaboration, with the initial template track at the top

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