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navigating members functions

after logging in, six symbols representing shortcuts to the following features are displayed on the right side:
the home button takes you to your profile

the shoutbox - our way to say hello! feel free to ask for support.

your friends - keep an eye on your friends fresh uploads
the friends panel helps you notice another members uploads. Click on the black shake-hands button displayed in a users jam-room to add him to your friends list.

Favourites - create a list of shortcuts to your favourite jams!
create a list of your favourite jamtracks. This way, you can easily return to where you stopped or recall good jamtracks. To put a track onto your list, click on 'favourize' shown in the player-panel

private Bands - invite musicians to a non-public jam of yours or
join a band that invited you to their private area

enter your private band section by clicking on the sunglasses-button. Links to your private projects and those you have been invited to will be shown here.

private Messages
this is the shortest way to open your private messages.

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