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Tagging a track on wikiloops

Wikiloops offers a free text-search on the track database. To provide the searchers with some really good results, you may now add custom tags to your tracks. This article covers some helpful hints on how to choose the right tags for a jam.

Tags are meant as additional keywords that enrich the information thats already there - do not repeat the track title, the chosen style or the instruments mixed in your tag, that information is already there and does not need to be repeated.
Dont write a book, just give some descriptive and short one or two word hints on what your track sounds like.

Bad tags
Some tags might be really useless: For example, "music" is a tag that wont help much, for it applies to anything on wikiloops, or "Rock" is also a tag thats not going to stand out from the mass of rock tracks on wikiloops.
Also, please be aware that people will not like being mislead by tags. Tagging a random jam with "christmas carol" will not give you a lot of happy listeners if they can not relate why your hardcore punk track is in their christmas search results. Also, do not include numbers in the tag, for searching for numbers will lead you to the track ID instead of the tag-search results.

Good Tags
A good tag is something people might actually search for, like the name of their favorite band or musician (p.e. "beatles" or "miles davis"), known songs that are somewhat alike to your jam ("funky cold medina") or subgenres like "speedmetal" or "bebop". If you have added a special kind of sound that people relate to, a tag like "rhodes" or "hammond" makes sense, too.

Please note that the number of possible tags is limited, five or six terms are the maximum possible. You will not be able to remove or change tags once they are added, so please take the second to check for typos!

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