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Using bb-code on wikiloops

This article covers how to use the so called bb-code tags on wikiloops, which will create smileys, clickable links, embed pics and youtube video within the comments, shoutbox and forums on wikiloops.

There are a handfull of emoticons available on wikiloops, here is an overview which character combination will create which smiley:
:) = Smile

;) = Wink

:D = Grin

:P = Pfft

:( = Sad

:o = Shock

:@ = Angry

How to make links clickable
Within the forum, shoutbox, messages and comments, you can create a clickable link the following way:
[url=]cool site[/url] will be displayed as cool site

Within the Shoutbox, you can link to wikiloops tracks even easier by writing a hashtag followed directly by the track id (p.e. #816 ). Mind there needs to be a blank space after the ID for this to work!

Within the comment fields, you may easily create a link to start a certain moment of the current track by writing the desired start time in this format: 1:23 will let the player start to play at 1:23. Mind there also needs to be blank spaces before and after such time links.

How to embed pictures
This option only works within the forum and within the "about me"-section of your profile. The picture must be uploaded on some server of your choice which allows linking to files, and you will need the pictures web address (mind, the address of the pic itself, ending on either .jpg, .png or .gif, not of a page where the pic may be embedded!).
The Tag to embed pics works like this:
[img][/img] will load the picture from the external adress and embed it in your post.

Embedding youtube video
To embed Youtube video in a forum post, you only need a certain part of the videos web address.
Youtube pages URIs look like this: - you only need to copy the videos ID (similar concept to wikiloops track ids), which is the blurb of characters between the "v=" and any following "&" and copy it into the youtube tag, like this: [youtube]J1FSpzFEfwM[/youtube].

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