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some basic terms explained

is the term used to describe the pages on wich a session is played back, showing the participants and offering big navigation buttons to be managed easily when holding your instrument :-)

is a sub-part of the jam-view. If you click on a musicians avatar in the-jam view, the jam-room is displayed in the right column. There you will find links to all other tracks by this user and get an overview in wich styles the user is active. A very convenient way to browse for jams without having to switch to jam search.

is the page where all user information is displayed an all public works can be heard.
Are you a member? By visiting your own profile, you can manage your email-notification options for each song. Please give some info about yourself (country would be interesting!) by editing your profile - you'll find the link to do so at the top of your profile page next to your username.

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