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  1. Down with the Groovesbhunt1 groove
  2. A moment of peaceERWAN unpluge guitar, voice
  3. Welcome to Elxivax

  4. bvuster started it!apsummerlin techno, space, horror, synth
  5. Sommerkollektion 2018Uloisius

  6. AKchen - EgoAKchen mixed styles
  7. 2018 stapled to the bluesfrenzie Blues
  8. 2018 II hitsfrenzie Blues
  9. I wait For Youivax

  10. MARS TALESUloisius

  11. Short Band Radioivax

  12. Steep Pathapsummerlin Techno, Chill, Groove, Pop
  13. LatelyGemmyF rock, electronic, vocals, blues, jazz, experimental
  14. Different ThingsBothen "Rock" "jazz rock" "blues rock" "rock" "quirky"
  15. This Is Metal.Evilvince

  16. When the wind touches the wood relaxNavota flute, relax
  17. Dead Flowers.Evilvince Progressive Rock, Down Tempo, Electronic, Classical.
  18. Moments in TimeFrankieJ

  19. musical diversityPewi style not fixed
  20. Mixed Bag - Indie, Pop, Rockgwailoah Indie, vocal, rock
  21. 14:01 Jolux Mixed 14:01
  22. · ·−·· · −·−· − ·−· −−− Evilvince Electro Rock, Electro Metal, Darkwave, EBM, Electronica, Ambient.
  23. Wilderness Return.Evilvince Progressive Rock, Metal, Ambiant, Down Tempo, Other.
  24. Songs with friends 2016frenzie

  25. Weird Visions.Evilvince Wolrd, Classical, Down Tempo, Electronic, Zeuhl, Progressive.
  26. The Crazy (S)CrewTofzegrit Dance, Pop, Urban, Vodka Tonic
  27. Tracks you will Digaxenvocs

  28. Wonderericblom New Social Music
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