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Improve your playing while having fun

Improve your playing while having fun

There are many ways to learn to play an instrument, but not all of them may be as much fun. No matter if you have just some rudimentary technical skills on your instrument or are an experienced player, here is what using wikiloops for practise has in store for you:

Jamming together at the wikiloops meeting

Get groovyer

Even if you started playing just yesterday, you may challenge yourself to find out if you are able to play what you have learned in time with a jamtrack.
Seriously, you can learn as many chords, scales and fancy licks as you like, but you need to get them to groove somehow, so use our tracks to improve your groove.

chord sheet

Play by ear or follow a chord sheet

If your start into playing music involved a lot of sheet music, you may think it must take huge skills before one can start to play by ear - that is not necessarily true,
but playing by ear requires a different approach and usually starts with a lot of try-and-error.
While that would drive your band mates crazy, wikiloops gives you unlimited try-and-error opportunity, and as you try to find something to play that fits a track, you will gain routine in figuring out and memorizing a songs structure by ear.
Whenever you feel you are in need of some hints, look for tracks which provide chord information and a visually marked-up song structure.

All kinds of instruments are welcome on wikiloops

Try something new

You will find tracks in various genres on wikiloops, so take the chance to try to jam to something out of your usual scope, be it odd metered grooves or genres you would have never thought of playing.
Try it, it's fun, and we won't tell anyone you ventured off your usual path.

Music making for the fun of it

Find your spot in any song

Knowing your role in a song makes the difference between "five people making noise with instruments at the same time" and "the band is playing".
Whenever you add to a wikiloops collaboration and listen to your or others additions,
you will learn to get a better feeling for your job in a band,
and in finding the right balance of wild solos and supporting the song.

Do as you please and stay motivated

Playing in a band or taking lessons can put pressure on you, or may not be easy to accomplish in your area.
On wikiloops, no one is counting how many repetitions you went through before getting your fingers sorted, and you may come and go at any day- and night time,
while playing with some really skilled players from the comfort of your home.
wikiloops is deliberately not a competitive place, so ease up and engage in our culture of enjoying our creative attempts.

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