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Go online shopping & support wikiloops as you do

Visit any shop linked on this page, and a small percentage of your purchases total will flow back to wikiloops to help us operate this project.
If you would like to suggest we add another partner, feel free to let us know via our contact page,
or leave a suggestion in the forum.
We are currently negotiating with some american gear stores and trying to offer the amazon gateway in as many countries as possible - this page does recognize your location and will only show you shops which are supported your country.

Thank you very much for supporting wikiloops by shopping smart :)

For more details on how this works, please see the additional info at the bottom of this page.

Looking for the amazon gateway?

Sorry, but that is obviously not available for your country yet,
we are trying to set up gateways to as many amazon regions as possible,
but that´s not as easy as one might think.
Thank you for your interest to support wikiloops,
"I´ll take the intention for the deed" is what Dicks grandma would have said in moments like these!

ThomannPlanning to buy instruments or recording gear around europe?
Then you are probably familiar with our long-term-sponsor
In addition to their generous sponsoring,
Thomann is passing back a small percentage of your purchases total back to us if you visit them via below link:

Train your Ears

Train your earsCheck out TrainYourEars frequency listening and equalizer use training tool
Should you purchase this software by following our link here,
TrainYourEars will cash-back blazing 40% of your purchase to wikiloops. We´d appreciate your improvements as a mixer as well as the support :).
Check out TrainYourEars.

How does this work exactly?

The shops will recognize you entered coming from wikiloops.
To achieve that, they are matching some extra parameters in the links with the "where did that visitor come from" header information sent by your browser.
You will not get any on-screen confirmation wikiloops has been recognized,
just go on surfing the shop in any way you would like.
Most shops will remember you came via wikiloops if you return the next day (they set a session cookie to do that), but they will "forget" you came via wikiloops after some days.
As a rule of thumb, wikiloops will not get any credit for purchases happening later than 14 days after visiting via wikiloops.
Bottom line:
The ideal way to make sure wikiloops really gets the intended benefit is to start any visits in which you are going to purchase something right on this page here - that´s why we recommended to bookmark this page here if you like to use it regularly.

Last: Please notice that wikiloops will not be able to give you supporting membership credits for purchases made in these stores - we simply cannot match your shopping activity there to your useraccount on wikiloops, sorry.

Please note: As you are visiting wikiloops, any personal data that is being processed is treated in compliance to the European General Data Protection Regulation.
You may review our data privacy policy to learn how and why we are using Cookies and other techniques as we are providing our service to you.