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Free Classical Backing Tracks with Bass, Guitar and Cello

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  1. Classical backing track #31191
    Guitar: ROBJOL
    Cello: jamlady
    Bass: AbhiCBass
    Tempo: 87 BPM 
  2. Classical backing track #63977
    Cello: Pexe
    Guitar: abuitremorem
    Bass: KaiPlan
  3. Classical backing track #61963
    Guitar: aqwzsx
    Bass: chrisbass
    Cello: jamlady
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 114 BPM 
    Sounds like:World,
  4. Classical backing track #104459
    Cello: Pexe
    Bass: eGiL
    Guitar: Don_T
    Sounds like:World
  5. Classical backing track #148966
    Cello: Pexe
    Bass & Guitar: jÜrGeN
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  7. Classical backing track #20959
    Keys: Lena Selan
    Guitar: akethesnaker
    Drums & Cello: jamlady
    Bass: KaiPlan
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 100 BPM 
  8. Classical backing track #70769
    Keys & Cello: MajorTom_III
    Guitar: ivax
    Bass: slynch1967
    Sounds like:Dark, instrumental
  9. Classical backing track #61676
    Cello, Flute & Guitar: ericblom
    Percussion, Bass, Bass, Drums & Percussion: josepssv
    Clarinet: martijn
  10. Classical backing track #61659
    Cello, Flute & Guitar: ericblom
    Percussion & Bass: josepssv
    Clarinet: martijn
  11. Classical backing track #61101
    Cello, Flute & Guitar: ericblom
    Percussion & Bass: josepssv
  12. Classical backing track #105173
    Cello: Pexe
    Mixer & Drums: GemmyF
    Bass: Ernie440
    Guitar & Drums: frankyguitar
  13. Classical backing track #150621
    Guitar & Cello: ERWAN
    Vocals: AKchen
    Guitar & Drums: Inkless
    Bass: Evilvince
    Tempo: 84 BPM 
    Musical key: E  major 
    Sounds like:Post, Math Rock, Down Tempo.
  14. Classical backing track #105645
    Cello: Pexe
    Mixer, Drums, Vocals, Vocals & Mixer: GemmyF
    Bass: Ernie440
    Guitar & Drums: frankyguitar
    Sounds like:Captain Beefheart, Claypool, Residents

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