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  1. Jazz backing track # 101911 MarceysOliVBeeKeys:    Marceys
    Guitar:    OliVBee
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 120bpm Key:: Cm 3 remixes attached
    Marc's cool keys were appealing and i had fun playing some guitar that will take any kind of melody / solo / lead whatever :) gotta love that swing !!

  2. Pop backing track # 102069 MikaBassMarceysDrums:    MikaBass
    Keys:    Marceys
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 115bpm Key:: Cm 5 remixes attached
    Not to complicated things but i liked playing this groove! Added some strings and a moog sound at the end! Could be cool for the solo players here! Thanks for the groove Mika! cheers, Marc

  3. World backing track # 99970 jomortimerUloisiusKeys:    jomortimer
    Vocals:    Uloisius
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 88bpm Key:: Cm 3 remixes attached
    Thank you very much jomortimer fot the WONDERFUL music ;o) all adds are welcome ;o) [img][/img]

  4. Jazz backing track # 103405 MarceysOliVBeeWadeLenny CowlerKeys:    Marceys
    Guitar:    OliVBee
    Saxophone:    Wade
    Drums:    Lenny Cowler
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 120bpm Key:: Cm 5 remixes attached
    again attempt a different style than I usually play, I try not to forget to Hd drums:)

  5. World backing track # 98026 jomortimerKeys:    jomortimer
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 88bpm Key:: Cm 5 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    A simple piano tango in C minor. Could be fun to hear some cello, or bandoneon, maybe mandolin? :-)

  6. Funk backing track # 25380 RmackalexjSequencer:    Rmack
    Bass:    alexj
    Tempo: 120bpm Key:: Cm 3 remixes attached

  7. Rock backing track # 94090 rp3drumsWHITEPONGODrums:    rp3drums
    Guitar & Keys & Violin:    WHITEPONGO
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 120bpm Key:: Cm 4 remixes attached
    open jam :)

  8. Pop backing track # 102612 cody trippFrankieJStefcody trippivaxSequencer & Mixer:    cody tripp
    Guitar:    FrankieJ
    Keys:    Stef
    Vocals:    ivax
    Tempo: 64bpm Key:: Cm Thanks Tom,Frankie and Stef,I hope that my Spanish sing is good for this magnificent work...

  9. Funk backing track # 103497 mulambomulamboivaxBass & Drums:    mulambo
    Guitar:    ivax
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 105bpm Key:: Cm 3 remixes attached
    again with Mulambo,always fun and great templates... Thanks for listening...

  10. Funk backing track # 38776 pipermpointonalexjTrumpet & Keys:    piper
    Drums:    mpointon
    Bass:    alexj
    Key:: Cm 3 remixes attached
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