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  1. Pop backing track # 90723 FrankieJaleonzAcoustic Guitar:    FrankieJ
    Vocals:    aleonz
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 63bpm Key:: D  9 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    Aleonz, FrankieJ, Pop, Guitar, Vocal
    So good to finally have my time and energy back, it's been some times, and I'm so glad to find Frankie's lovely song when I opened the loops. I'm so left behind these days on the loops, really want to catch up ...

  2. World backing track # 90674 FrankieJAcoustic Guitar:    FrankieJ
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 63bpm Key:: D  6 remixes attached
    Fiddling around.

  3. Unplugged backing track # 98859 aduaduDrums & Bass:    adu
    Meter: 3/4  Tempo: 130bpm Key:: D 7 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    adu, rock, unplugged
    I couldn´t resist ;)

  4. Pop backing track # 94626 pklieschKeys:    pkliesch
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 132bpm Key:: D 8 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    pop, keys, strings
    Just piano an the hd track. Oh how i wish someone would join this unusual fast ride (:

  5. Pop backing track # 93411 fannealeonzSequencer:    fanne
    Vocals:    aleonz
    Meter: 4/4  Key:: D 2 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    Aleonz, fanne, motown, pop, vocal
    Just feel in love straight away when I heard this song yesterday, I ain't David & Eddie, but I'm a big fan of those motown legends...and this song surely brought back all great feelings from their music. Thank ...

  6. Pop backing track # 101569 cody trippKeys & Guitar:    cody tripp
    Tempo: 75bpm Key:: D 6 remixes attached
    needs everything

  7. Rock backing track # 41390 aduLenny CowlerGuitar:    adu
    Drums:    Lenny Cowler
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 120bpm Key:: D 5 remixes attached

  8. Rock backing track # 91785 cody trippBass & Drums & Guitar:    cody tripp
    Tempo: 170bpm Key:: D 7 remixes attached
    I will put up a 'no bass' and 'no drums' version

  9. Pop backing track # 90100 DafunkydrummerStefDrums:    Dafunkydrummer
    Keys:    Stef
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 60bpm Key:: D  3 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    Again a big thank you to Dafunkydrummer for the wonderful drums track. A theme with melodic and romantic progression composed with Rhodes and Hammond. I hope in your adds... Thank you for listening

  10. Rock backing track # 94188 mulambomulamboivaxBass & Drums:    mulambo
    Guitar:    ivax
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 157bpm Key:: D 2 remixes attached
    Thanks Mulambo always great templates to enjoy... Thanks for listening...
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