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  1. Folk backing track #136084
    Violin, acoustic Guitar & Vocals: donsk
    Tempo: 80 BPM 
    Musical key: F  major 
  2. Folk backing track #215267
    acoustic Guitar: Koldov
    Vocals: KellsBells
    Violin: Mikebeasley
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 120 BPM 
    Musical key: D major 
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  4. Folk backing track #134505
    Vocals, acoustic Guitar & acoustic Guitar: slin
    Celtic Harp: Caroljoyce
    Violin: Jypeka
    Drums: PJE
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 105 BPM 
    Musical key: G major 
  5. Folk backing track #164634
    acoustic Guitar: ARNOSOLO
    Keys & Violin: Jypeka
    Vocals: Tu
    Musical key: B  major 
  6. Folk backing track #83372
    acoustic Guitar: Acousticeg
    Drums: Countryboy
    Bass: garymcmill
    Vocals & Violin: HojoCat
    Tempo: 148 BPM 
    Sounds like:Blues, Folk, Southern Rock
  7. Folk backing track #101851
    acoustic Guitar & Drums: Psycho
    Vocals: Don_T
    Violin: HojoCat
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 65 BPM 
    Musical key: E major 
    Sounds like:Country,blues,folk,grateful dead
  8. Folk backing track #129074
    acoustic Guitar & acoustic Guitar: ARNOSOLO
    Drums: rp3drums
    Bass: Ernie440
    Vocals: bondjolino
    Violin: Jypeka
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 110 BPM 
    Musical key: D  major 
    Sounds like:Folk
  9. Folk backing track #147032
    acoustic Guitar & acoustic Guitar: ARNOSOLO
    Drums: Lenny Cowler
    Bass: Ernie440
    Vocals: gwailoah
    Violin: Jypeka
    Meter: 3/4 
    Tempo: 114 BPM 
    Musical key: G  major 
    Sounds like:Folk
  10. Folk backing track #23910
    acoustic Guitar: irlenn
    Violin: Mandoman
    upright Bass: Bassbob
    Vocals: Uloisius
    Meter: 3/4 
    Tempo: 100 BPM 
  11. Folk backing track #102110
    acoustic Guitar & Drums: Psycho
    Vocals: Don_T
    Violin: HojoCat
    Bass: jimkarol
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 65 BPM 
    Musical key: E major 
  12. Folk backing track #148377
    acoustic Guitar, Guitar & Vocals: billybluej
    Drums & Violin: JeanPaul66

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