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  1. Metal backing track # 46458 Buran70KellsBellsDrums & Bass & Guitar:    Buran70
    Vocals:    KellsBells
    8 remixes attached
    Oh Buran, how your guitar work strikes a chord in the "Metal Chick" in me. AWESOME song! ;) ...And now for something completely different.

  2. Metal backing track # 92889 cody trippLenny CowlerGuitar:    cody tripp
    Drums:    Lenny Cowler
    Tempo: 120bpm 3 remixes attached

  3. Metal backing track # 63518 YoWildKellsBellsGuitar:    YoWild
    Vocals:    KellsBells
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 160bpm 6 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    Kells Bells, YoWild, Metal
    YoWild hooked me with this awesome guitar riff. I would love to hear some bass, drums, screams, guitars, more vocals, toots and whistles...whatever your beautiful, creative minds want to add. I did classical la...

  4. Metal backing track # 91175 Mika TohveivaxDrums:    Mika Tohve
    Guitar:    ivax
    Meter: 4/4  4 remixes attached
    Thanks Mika, always enjoy your great drums.. sorry not specify them chords, this has emerged spontaneous this tomorrow, I think that as always goes by the note pedal of E, my favorite Thanks for listening...

  5. Metal backing track # 62333 Tofzegritrp3drumsGuitar:    Tofzegrit
    Drums:    rp3drums
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 120bpm 4 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    Van Halen
    I had to step in on this one. I grew up with Van Halen, and always loved Alex's huge dreamy sound. Tof brought that back to me with this song and the brown guitar sound. Added much delay and verb to the dru...

  6. Metal backing track # 52452 kennyadrympointonGuitar:    kennyadry
    Drums:    mpointon
    Tempo: 140bpm 4 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    Prog, Dream Theater, Martin Pointon,
    Kenny, Kenny, Kenny... This template is epic, pushing every creative boundary I can find. What a fantastic slab of power/prog/metal you've created here. Incredibly challenging but brilliant.

    I sat ...

  7. Metal backing track # 67587 kennyadryLenny CowlerGuitar:    kennyadry
    Drums:    Lenny Cowler
    Meter: 4/4  Tempo: 135bpm 4 remixes attached

  8. Metal backing track # 93241 rockdevilaleonzSequencer:    rockdevil
    Vocals:    aleonz
    1 remix attached
    Sounds like: 
    Aleonz, Rockdevil, Basster, Metal, Vocal
    Been quite long time since I sing Metal, but this epic track from Rockdevil & Basster just too cool to's so great to play with you guys! Thank you for listening...hope I don't hurts your ears :) Mer...

  9. Metal backing track # 103097 OutpostErnie440Drums & Guitar & Guitar:    Outpost
    Bass:    Ernie440
    4 remixes attached
    Sounds like: 
    heavy rock jam, metal, metal
    And I just had a delicious snack too! Thanks to Outpost for the great playing and fun rocking jam .. enjoyed!! :W :) ;)

  10. Metal backing track # 69116 WHITEPONGOLenny CowlerGuitar:    WHITEPONGO
    Drums:    Lenny Cowler
    Tempo: 137bpm 10 remixes attached
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