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  1. Rock backing track #74858
    Drums: mpointon
    Guitar, Bass & Cello: Fabricio L
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 65 BPM 
  2. Rock backing track #150469
    Drums: mpointon
    Guitar: Danalyze45
    Bass: Woodstock
    Cello: Pexe
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 200 BPM 
  3. Rock backing track #151078
    Guitar & Drums: MajorTom_III
    Bass: bass4love
    Cello: Pexe
    Tempo: 92 BPM 
    Musical key: A minor 
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  5. Rock backing track #105167
    Guitar: akethesnaker
    Drums: carlottis
    Flute: Pewi
    Bass: tullicbr
    Cello: jamlady
    Tempo: 86 BPM 
    Musical key: A  major 
  6. Rock backing track #75255
    Guitar: woXey
    Drums: rp3drums
    Bass: JeF31
    Keys, Cello & Vocals: RichardB
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 120 BPM 
    Sounds like:Post-Punk, The Cure, The Strokes, David Bowie
  7. Rock backing track #68735
    Drums: frankiejazz
    Guitar & Guitar: Quaid
    Bass: allan1970
    Cello: Wikimark
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 100 BPM 
  8. Rock backing track #75189
    Drums: mpointon
    Guitar, Bass, Cello & Guitar: Fabricio L
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 65 BPM 
  9. Rock backing track #166229
    Cello, Bass, Keys & Vocals: ERWAN
    Drums: Lenny Cowler
    Guitar: ivax
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 1125 BPM 
    Musical key: A minor 
  10. Rock backing track #68904
    Drums: frankiejazz
    Guitar & Guitar: Quaid
    Bass: allan1970
    Cello & Vocals: Wikimark
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 100 BPM 
    Sounds like:Spacey vocal track,
  11. Rock backing track #69545
    acoustic Guitar, Vocals & Guitar: OliVBee
    Drums: Dafunkydrummer
    Bass: haddock
    Vocals: marmotte
    Cello: Pexe
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 175 BPM 
  12. Rock backing track #96028
    Violin, upright Bass & Cello: adu
    Drums: Bothen
    Bass: petebass
    Guitar: Major 3rd
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 100 BPM 

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