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The multilingual project - support wikiloops reach out around the globe!

Lets not forget: Theres a world beyond the english speaking people on this planet!
So much of the music we enjoy was originally played by people who dont speak a word of english, it would be a shame not to have theese great musicians find out about wikiloops, right?

So this is what the multilingual project is about!
We are trying to create as many translations of the user interface and the help section as possible, but since wikiloops is a free project, we depend on your support to achieve this goal!
If there is any language you are fluent in and you have some time to share, you could take the opportunity to become a key person in uniting the worlds musicians at wikiloops by helping translate the interface!

Right now, wikiloops is available in: english, russian ( thanks to Ivan ), german, french( thanks to Lutz and OliVBee! ), italian ( thanks to jstef ), portuguese ( thanks nuno1959 ) and in spanish ( thanks to Leonardo, Frederico & Brittany ).

If you feel like this is something you are up to, please contact Dick by PM or via Email to info {at} wikiloops.com to learn how to go about!

Today, "Thank you very much " sounds quite a weak incentive to get started - with your help, whole nations might join the praise!

back to the jam!

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