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Annual holidays orphan's party (musician friends who have no family in New Zealand). Live jam warts and all. Poor quality Zoom recorder with inbuilt microphones so no mix. All welcome to join in with the chaos. This is the third with more to follow unless you get sick of them. Tom on Keys, Nigel on Guitar, Derek on Bass, Kelvin on Bass Trumpet, I'm on sax. Later jams with up to 10 musicians. WARNING: RAW JAM CONTENT. Perfectionists should not listen. This was played in a Standards Free environment.


April 13 2016 02:14:03
B427B427 Sweet
+1 April 13 2016 21:43:46 B427Wade
Thanks B427!
January 05 2015 22:33:33
abuitremoremabuitremorem toll smile.gif
+1 January 06 2015 09:46:06 abuitremoremWade
Danke fürs Zuhören abuitremorem
January 03 2015 20:41:33
nuno1959nuno1959 Would've loved to be a fly on the wall…. Wink
+1 January 04 2015 05:17:28 nuno1959Wade
Fly on the wall? Why not a player in the band?
January 04 2015 19:57:22 nuno1959nuno1959
I appreciate the trust but hey, it's publicly known i AM a loud bugger !! Wink
& would spoil it for everyone else...
January 05 2015 09:01:57 nuno1959Wade
As one of the only non-electric instruments (and being my place) I have a simple solution for people who play too loudly...pull the plug...solved!
January 05 2015 14:39:51 nuno1959nuno1959
Drats !! & me hoping i could convert you to my new TrashMetal/ApocalypticTechno vein i'm developing…hum….change of plan !! Wink
January 05 2015 18:44:09 nuno1959Wade
Alternatively I can also amplify the horn.
January 05 2015 18:48:32 nuno1959nuno1959
Ah, now we're cooking !!
Relax, any 1000watt amp will be enough to keep up w/ me !!! Grin Grin
January 02 2015 22:44:43
haddockhaddock Beer and jam! Very nice smile.gif
+1 January 04 2015 05:16:57 haddockWade
Oh how I missed you! Also had BBQ Salmon and steak + fresh salad from the garden, Xmas cake, Guacamole, salsa, etc. We await your return!
January 02 2015 20:49:10
ericblomericblom It sounds like a great feast. wonderful
+1 January 04 2015 05:15:18 ericblomWade
Thanks, yes the music was good...the food was even better.
January 02 2015 14:30:46
ROBJOLROBJOL Cool stuff. Very good musicians there.
+1 January 02 2015 19:03:36 ROBJOLWade
Thanks Rob. Yes mostly professionals. I'm the amateur in the group.
January 02 2015 13:21:09
UloisiusUloisius Super ;o)
January 02 2015 10:10:55
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good jam Wadesmile.gif
+1 January 02 2015 19:02:42 Lenny CowlerWade
Good, but the drummer couldn't make it...sorely missing drums.
January 02 2015 10:04:03
josepssvjosepssv More please!!
+2 January 02 2015 19:00:34 josepssvWade
OK. Sólo recuerde que decir basta cuando te ar harto.

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