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Discover the original music created on wikiloops

There sure is a lot of music out there on the internet, so let us try to give you an idea of what is special about the tracks you will discover on wikiloops:

OliVBee at the wikiloops meeting 2016

Start your discovery

Tune in to one of the wikiloops radio streams or browse the Album Collection to check out the sound of wikiloops in all of its varieties.
Enjoy the listen, and don't miss the opportunity to give feedback to these artists.

Strictly original

We are deliberately not reproducing known tracks on wikiloops for various reasons, the best being that our members have enough creative potential to come up with something new.

Played by real humans on real instruments

Call us old-fashioned, but we are proud to say there is rather little use of MIDI-samples on wikiloops.
We have managed to invite players of all kinds of instruments to join our collaborations, and we love the feel of the real.

Marmotte at the wikiloops meeting 2016

Music of the moment

All tracks on wikiloops have in common that there was no fixed composition which the musicians were bound to follow.
Instead of passing out sheet music first, our members spark each others ideas by sharing and listening to each others tracks, which may contain as little as just one instrument at first.
While the provider of such a track has no way of telling what others will add, all following musicians have the freedom to play whatever they feel suits the song.
What you will get to hear are the results of this fascinating creative process, which is the core of what we do on wikiloops.

Across any borders

You will find it hard to believe, but the musicians you are listening to on wikiloops have most likely never met each other face to face.
The nationalities of the involved musicians are displayed on our listening interface, and you will notice quite a lot of tracks are joint productions involving players from quite different corners of the globe, while sounding as if this band had rehearsed and toured for years.

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