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Code of Conduct

wikiloops Code of Conduct

The purpose of wikiloops is to create and exchange music, and to engage with musicians from all around the world. To ensure that the experience is positive for anyone regardless of nationality, belief, age, race, gender or musical taste, we have given wikiloops the following set of rules.

We are expecting anyone who uses wikiloops to respect these rules. If that seems asked too much, then we can only suggest you leave wikiloops and look for some other place that suits your tastes better.

§1 Freedom of speech limits

International encounters do require diplomacy, and we are expecting you to stay aware wikiloops is as multicultural, multi-ethnic and multinational as the United Nations, so, in order to get along well, all of us need to apply diplomacy in our communications. That necessarily has to include limits to what one may say out loud, write or communicate by images.

Topics to avoid on wikiloops are:


We are here to make music together. Any communications about your political preferences, whose campaign you support, which political party you favour or your general feelings about some political situation are out of place on wikiloops and are likely to spark more adversity than they do any good. Take your politics elsewhere.


We are here to make music together, not to bring anyone to the right path of any religion. We trust every user on wikiloops has their own beliefs for the best of reasons, and we are expecting anyone to keep these reasons to themselves. On wikiloops, do not quote religious books, do not display religious symbols in images, do not preach by telling others you found THE answer. If your religion or belief requires you to inform other people about it, fulfill that duty somewhere else outside wikiloops.com.


We are happy to have some quite young musicians in our community, so do not post any images/communications you would not show/tell to an eight-year-old child.


There is no byte of storage space available for racism, sexism, fundamentalism or any other isms aimed at dividing humans into good and bad on the wikiloops servers.


We are here to make music together. If drugs are something you like to advertise, please do so somewhere else.


We are here to make music together. If you feel like showcasing your sexuality online, please do so somewhere else.

Weapons / Militaria

We are here to make music together. Please do not post images showing weapons or military gear/symbols. These often leave much room for interpretation and may cause irritation depending on the viewers backgrounds, so please take them somewhere else.

Advertising & Self-promotion

We are here to make music together. Please do not spam the wikiloops community by advertising any products or services, and keep the amount of self-promotion in balance with the interest you are showing towards your fellow wikiloops users.

Cursing, swearing, UPPERCASING and adult language

We are here to make music together. None of us can tell who will read our published comments/text on wikiloops once we have posted it. While there may be cases when using bad language is appropriate in a private group of listeners, this can not be the case on wikiloops where the next reader of your statement just might be a conservative person from a different culture using Google Translate to understand what you just said. Emphasizing statements by UPPERCASING is widely interpreted as rude, so please hold back your caps lock and watch your language on wikiloops.

§2 Manners & Respect

There are a handful of things we are expecting from any wikiloops member which are not topic related, but rather describe the expected respectful approach with which we meet each other.

In short: We like to stay positive and friendly, and the harshest way to indicate you are not fond of someone else's musical experiment or communication is to not leave a comment. Constructive criticism is absolutely welcome, but purely negative or hostile feedback is not tolerated on wikiloops. It just doesn't support the idea of having fun to get barked at by someone who gets a boost out of telling people negative things. Everyone knows negative emotions, do not bring them to wikiloops. Also, we are expecting special carefulness when it comes to the use of irony, sarcasm, quotes - the sources/context of which may not be known to all readers, satirical content, animated gifs and memes - all of these can fail to translate well or easily be interpreted in various ways.

§3 Intelligence expectation

We are expecting our users to be intelligent enough to understand the wikiloops rules in their abstract sense. The rules do not explicitly mention you should not make fun of the British Queen or the Pope to avoid offending some British users or the Catholic members on wikiloops, but we are expecting you to be able to comprehend that such topics should be classified as politics/religion + satire and thus not taken to wikiloops.

§4 Compliance expectation

A team of volunteer moderators is making sure these rules are enforced on wikiloops by removing content that is in conflict with above ruleset, and this document serves as a general explanation of such removals. If you choose to be a part of wikiloops, you need to accept and play by these rules. Should accepting and following these rules not be possible to you, should you require constant help for not breaking them or should you be unable to realize by yourself that wikiloops is the wrong place for the communication you are looking for then your wikiloops membership will at some point have to end. We are here to make music together, after all.

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