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Group photo of the wikiloops member meeting 2015

The spirit of collaboration on wikiloops

Jam online or come to a wikiloops meeting

Playing music for the fun of it

wikiloops is a place to find motivation and inspiration, no matter if you are the most advanced player or just happen to be the best musician in your living-room.
We are interested in your unique sound and style and celebrate the diversity of approaches in making music,
that is why we have deliberately avoided competition on wikiloops.

Map of wikiloops visitors

A global online jam-session

Musicians from over 160 countries have contributed tracks to wikiloops, and we are happy to see collaborations involving participants from the most diverse corners of the globe.
Music is the universal language "spoken" by anyone on wikiloops, and we like that fact that all otherwise seemingly unbridgeable conflicts and differences between members of different religions, cultures and nationalities
seem to vanish once people start to play music together.
To make sure cultural misunderstandings, translation mistakes or personal preferences presented as the ultimate truth do not spoil the experience,
we are operating wikiloops as a moderated place with a quite clear community guideline on which kind of language and behaviour is appropriate on our international grounds.

fair Baer

Keeping things fair and transparent

wikiloops.com does not only offer musical collaborations between its members, operating wikiloops and providing a platform tailored to the needs of homerecording musicians is a collaboration, too.
Since our start in 2011, uncounted volunteer hours have been spent improving wikiloops and translating it to different languages, so more people can join the jam.
We take pride in avoiding any shady behind-the-scenes dealings like selling user-data, and we are not leaving our members in the dark about how we are operating and funding wikiloops.
If you like to take part or to read some of the reports on the operating-wikiloops-collaboration, visit the wikiloops forum sometime. It's all out there, from the very beginning in 2011 to the latest annual report.

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