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  1. Mister Glonds NightmareColdPlasma Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Avantgarde, crazy mixes
  2. Greater HeightsOliVBee jazz, funk
  3. bizarre encounters 1Uloisius

  4. Jammin' with the Cool Catswjl fretless, bass, fretless bass, free software
  5. Love and TendernessROBJOL

  6. frühlingskollektion `18Uloisius

  7. Funk friendsdimeomax Funk
  8. Project XKing1971 Jazz rock, fusion, funk, instrumental, shred
  9. Celtic Harp & Violin project #1Jypeka Celtic Harp & Electric Violin
  10. 2018 blues albumfrenzie Blues
  11. Take a look at yourself - GemmyF & CrewGemmyF rock, blues, funk, prog, indie
  12. Behind the Doortiti

  13. One Foot Back One leap ForwardTEE-KWA Various
  14. Groove's Ghost 2015 Vol. 2KMstar Grooves Ghost, GG
  15. Cowler, Guadaña and MorningstarKMstar Prog, Metal, rock
  16. My Irrational Thoughtsbhunt1

  17. Where we go...adu

  18. LebenszeichenUloisius

  19. ArkGlezGeorge Syndicate GlezBass Weather Report sound Zawinul
  20. Across the Desert Seabluesdog "soundscape", "nature", " desert", "ocean", "harp", "harmonica", "cello", "bluesdog", "jamlady"
  21. Jammin with titiFrankieJ

  22. La Farándulaivax

  23. The Wiki Legends BandErnie440 wiki legends band, pop rock, hard rock, free beer, easy women
  24. Spanish Jazz Vol2GlezBass

  25. Song of Spring.Evilvince Rock, Post Rock, Progressive Rock, Fusion Rock.
  26. Jazz Rock & Violin # 1Jypeka Jazz Rock
  27. Lost Legend of a Celtic HarpCaroljoyce celtic harp
  28. RockBothen "Rock" "jazz rock" "blues rock"
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"I love the supportive vibe of the musicians,all this talent! and lots of great music created on so many levels, it's really special&truly inspiring!"

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