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Let the Games Begin,.!!

Homework done for now!! i could not resist..!! PARTY IS ON!!

HEAVY STUFF AHEAD... (dont tell me i didnt warn u.. ;)

Im into this maniac mode today.. love this sounds!!

I hope u join with ur cool ideas!!

Here goes mine!.. ;D



April 01 2015 00:48:29
RobMRobM You have a real skill with this stuff woX !! Great piece mate smile.gif
March 31 2015 08:38:17
BassterBasster This is amazing buddy!!!! How did you make that great wobbles?
+1 March 31 2015 18:54:37 BassterwoXey
Hey Basster thanks man!! i just use samples to make them.. but every beat has almos 20 tweaks so is just my ear that makes the sound.. ill send u some samples if u like man.. so u can have Head Ake too!! smile.gif
April 21 2015 08:37:53 BassterBasster
Hi Buddy - wasn`t online for a few days - weeks .... Yeah - it would be very cool if you can send me that stuff!! Wink
March 31 2015 03:25:17
nuno1959nuno1959 I love some of this stuff & this is one such case WoX, fantastic !
But what i love most about you is how versatile you are genre wise & how varied your ''output'' for lack of a better word..
Keep it up Vecino ! Wink

+1 March 31 2015 18:52:34 nuno1959woXey
Gracias Vecino! im a melomaniac level 20!! hahaha i listen to everything that has rythmn...hence the mixed up tracks i make.. i love to hear old rock on electronic beats man.. smile.gif
March 30 2015 11:01:09
LieschingLiesching WOW!
+1 March 30 2015 17:29:43 LieschingwoXey
oh that is a BIG WOW man.. haha thank u L!! smile.gif
March 29 2015 21:47:50
WadeWade This is AWESOME! You're getting in there pretty deeply...don't get lost in that matrix.
+1 March 30 2015 17:29:08 WadewoXey
i was possesed by the Dark Side of the music man...uff too heavy even mixed with soft sounds... dont worrie the time u get here ill make another 50 of these..!! Grin
March 29 2015 12:32:57
Pit BrettPit Brett what a sound smile.gif
March 29 2015 07:53:30
josepssvjosepssv Me gustan los electronic mix bailables!!

+1 March 29 2015 12:03:09 josepssvwoXey
gracias maestro!! a veces me siento como niño en una tienda de chuches con estos juguetitos...
March 29 2015 05:55:18
MishteriaMishteria Sooo nice woXwy !!smile.gif
+1 March 29 2015 12:02:17 MishteriawoXey
Tusen Takk Mish!!smile.gif
March 29 2015 05:49:12
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler goodsmile.gif
+1 March 29 2015 12:00:55 Lenny CowlerwoXey
Grin thanks Lenny!
March 29 2015 01:25:48
MasterKMasterK Killer ! Dub Maztr Wox ! I really do like this.. FAVVVD !
+1 March 29 2015 12:00:31 MasterKwoXey
Lol M! welcome to da woXeyLABGrin

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