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Thank you very much Ian for sending the HD. I hope It's in your opinion!

Synthesizer can be your best friend!!
I can not recommend going to bed just before to hear this audio horror drama :-))


February 24 2016 08:57:43
AKchenAKchen wie geil !!!!! genau dein Ding in a way Wink
+1 February 24 2016 09:06:40 AKchenfrankyguitar
Dankeschön, freut mich das es Dir gefällt! Bei der Steilvorlage musste ich zuschlagen..... Ian hat auch schon weiter daran gearbeitet und video gemacht.... ok hat er, mal sehen wann er es veröffentlicht.....
February 24 2016 12:48:20 AKchenAKchen
hab es mir angeschaut, es ist stark smile.gif
February 20 2016 03:13:50
+2 February 23 2016 06:59:30 Babbazittfrankyguitar
Great Video! You have really a lot of excellent Videos there!! Great stuff Ian !
February 23 2016 21:12:12 BabbazittBabbazitt
February 18 2016 07:56:40
onewholeftonewholeft Very cool Franky
+2 February 18 2016 09:12:46 onewholeftfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Keith!! Was so much fun!! And Ian had created a Great template smile.gif
February 17 2016 16:15:23
LieschingLiesching In diesen Gruselwald geht man gerne! smile.gif Happy 200, Franky!
+1 February 17 2016 17:32:32 Lieschingfrankyguitar
Vielen Dank lieber Marc, lass uns zusammen den Wald erkunden smile.gif
February 17 2016 10:54:29
frankyguitarfrankyguitar YEAH Yeah!! Freaky!! Thanx very much my friend!!
This template from Babba is soooo coooool, was a Must have!!! smile.gif

February 17 2016 10:06:44
GirardGirard Yikes way freaky!

Freaky Franky smile.gif
Bone chilling blood curdling creep fest!c

+1 February 17 2016 17:33:10 Girardfrankyguitar
YEAH Yeah!! Freaky!! Thanx very much my friend!!
This template from Babba is soooo coooool, was a Must have!!! smile.gif
February 16 2016 05:10:46
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler great brosmile.gif
+1 February 16 2016 06:42:58 Lenny Cowlerfrankyguitar
Thanx Lenny, think wie should make a movie smile.gif
February 16 2016 04:22:45
BabbazittBabbazitt Really great!!!!!!! Not going to bed yet!!! Thanks.
+1 February 16 2016 06:41:44 Babbazittfrankyguitar
Yeah!! I'm so happy you like it Babba!! It's a Great template and to create this was so much fun!! smile.gif
February 16 2016 02:34:19
PsychoPsycho You guys should get in the soundtrack/effects business... I feel like I'm in a movie house smile.gif Very cool !!
+1 February 16 2016 06:40:04 Psychofrankyguitar
Grin We need only connections, please call Hollywood.... LOL
Thank you very much!! We Love this stuff!!
February 16 2016 01:15:57
mpointonmpointon Love tracks like this! Superb soundscapes and atmospheres! Particularly enjoying this trip down a Tangerine Dream lane! Top work!

For going to bed with weird dreams, can I recommend #35236 ?

+1 February 16 2016 05:17:09 mpointonfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Martin!! Wow, Tangerine Dream. These guys are the Godfather of electronic generate soundscapes and I love this stuff and have some albums Grin
Will listen 35236 a bit

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