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Lenny said this track is magic, and I agree.

Added an intro and overdubbed the voicing.

Plenty of room left =)


May 28 2016 07:57:30
WadeWade Your sound works so well for this.
May 27 2016 09:58:35
MarianneMarianne Fascinating story, and the music rocks...I love it when a jam comes together so harmoniously! smile.gif
+1 May 27 2016 16:13:58 MariannePsycho
You're the expert on these and I sure thank you for the kind words. This was a good test in so many ways. Thanks again Marianne smile.gif
May 27 2016 03:04:44
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Amazing work Psy !! Awesome !!!
+1 May 27 2016 16:12:32 WHITEPONGOPsycho
Hey there WP... I must say this is one hell of a backing that worked out so well in every way... I should be thanking you and that's just what I'll do smile.gif Thanks buddy !!
May 26 2016 20:33:30
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Really good guitar playin' Bruce smile.gif coolness to hear
+1 May 27 2016 00:08:54 GuitarPlyrPsycho
Thank you GP... it worked out ok... and it must be the music by WP, tulli, and Lenny that inspired the intro, then the poem by Marva topped the whole thing smile.gif
May 26 2016 16:31:22
pklieschpkliesch What a great song!
+1 May 27 2016 00:06:00 pklieschPsycho
Yes it is, and thanks Pat... I never would have know about this unless I had seen Lenny's add, and that happens with many tracks... hooray to the loops smile.gif
May 26 2016 10:36:32
gwailoahgwailoah Magical track it is, even more so with your moody and thoughtful add. Good one Bruce!
+1 May 27 2016 00:03:50 gwailoahPsycho
Thanks gw... I sure had a fine time working with it smile.gif
May 25 2016 23:55:23
StefStef Awesome Bruce! This is truly a super track! smile.gif
+1 May 26 2016 00:18:52 StefPsycho
Thanks my friend... I for once am happy with a song I have tinkered with. This was a very satisfying project. To work with these guys was a blessing smile.gif
May 25 2016 23:53:56
piperpiper Grin
+1 May 26 2016 00:16:23 piperPsycho
Does the bouncy head mean it's "Ok" smile.gif Thank you pipes, you have always been an inspiration smile.gif
May 25 2016 23:47:33
axenvocsaxenvocs Fabulous
+1 May 26 2016 00:13:28 axenvocsPsycho
Hi Axen, good to see ya man. Thanks very much for the nice comment. Was a good one for sure smile.gif
May 25 2016 21:58:09
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Great production and playing. A really nice listen Bruce
+1 May 26 2016 00:12:17 PaulBOwensPsycho
I really appreciate your kind words Paul. Means a lot from one of the best smile.gif
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