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Jamming in some warped alternate reality in this crazy garage. Piper was dancing around in a Peter Pan outfit, wailing on that flute, floating above our heads! Mort, you should have seen him, wedged between a truck and a car in that garage, playing drums and his guitar at the same time, it looked ridiculous, but sounded good. :-) I could barely contain my laughter as I noodled away on my fretless ATk bass. It was quite the time ... I suspect there was something in that slimy purple fizzy drink Morty was serving ... and then .. I woke up!


July 15 2016 13:12:53
LoBiasLoBias Takes me back to petrol fumes, lead and clouds of two stroke oil ! smile.gif Nice walking noodles smile.gif
+1 July 15 2016 16:01:36 LoBiasErnie440
haha .. Ok so that's what happened! smile.gif j/k Gracias Steve!
July 16 2016 01:40:35 LoBiasLoBias
Hey, I wasn't the worst.. One mechanic used to climb inside the roof and hang upside down like a bat. We used to coax him down with a Pot Noodle. !
July 16 2016 02:15:51 LoBiasErnie440
LOL! oooooookay ... smile.gif
July 08 2016 21:21:14
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great Ernie, this is a very cool jam !! Super jazzy stuff !! smile.gif
+1 July 08 2016 21:39:35 frankyguitarErnie440
Thanks for listening in Franky my friend. smile.gif It was a fun jam with Mort and piper!
July 08 2016 18:04:06
GirardGirard Great addition and great imaginative role playing!
+1 July 08 2016 18:18:00 GirardErnie440
Thanks Chief! smile.gif
July 08 2016 18:27:29 GirardGirard
Hey it is a lot of fun watching you be so silly
July 08 2016 18:29:07 GirardErnie440
LOL man ... I was havin' a good time there for a bit .. ok back to scheduled depression ..
July 08 2016 18:41:47 GirardGirard
No I want you to stay this way forever exclamation point
July 08 2016 19:13:49 GirardErnie440
All the exclamation points on wikiloops is depressing!!
July 08 2016 20:49:32 GirardGirard
Man, tough crowd lol
July 08 2016 21:06:11 GirardErnie440
U said it! hehe
July 08 2016 22:58:34 GirardGirard
I like the name change too.
July 08 2016 23:45:18 GirardErnie440
Thanks man, it was time to put Pudsy to bed here. smile.gif
July 08 2016 15:55:53
GemmyFGemmyF cool track!
+1 July 08 2016 16:03:10 GemmyFErnie440
Thanks Jim ... join in? smile.gif
July 08 2016 16:21:36 GemmyFGemmyF
maybe with the guitar synth. The belch caused by cranking it up will surely put a Purple haze in that garage. Morthel's drums are really good on this as is the flute by Piper.
July 08 2016 16:27:58 GemmyFErnie440
LOL .. well you've joined the whacked out commentary quite well man. Agreed Mort's the man on the skins and Piper's flute is great. Synth sounds interesting ..
July 08 2016 15:43:25
piperpiper BTW, I'm wearing while floating above your heads you can't look up my Peter Pan skirt..Wink
+1 July 08 2016 15:45:11 piperErnie440
LOL @ Peter Pan's skirt .. that must be the x-rated movie I never saw! smile.gif
July 08 2016 15:46:21 piperErnie440
Well if they don't like the music, they'll probably laff at the comments here.
July 08 2016 15:46:22 piperpiper
July 08 2016 16:01:46 pipermortheol
Hahaha...I snuck a peek..Pfft
July 08 2016 15:41:33
piperpiper I love this! This is killer! Grin
+1 July 08 2016 15:44:08 piperErnie440
Thanks, your flute was great, I told that yesterday ... I think ... or maybe .. it was ... phew... too much purple juice.
July 08 2016 15:45:45 piperpiper
Stay away from that stuff! Well than again maybe not your playing is really cool! smile.gif
July 08 2016 15:47:08 piperErnie440
Mort got me hooked on this stuff!!
July 08 2016 15:51:00 piperpiper
Uh Oh...I'll have to talk to him about that! Wink
July 08 2016 15:56:29 pipermortheol
Wasn't my faultPfft
July 08 2016 15:58:38 piperpiper
Ummm..sure..I saw you both drinking, Grandpa's cough syrup! Pfft
July 08 2016 16:03:57 piperErnie440
mmmmm cough syrup!
July 08 2016 15:39:27
piperpiper LOL! I think Mort should wear the, "Peter Pan" suit...heheheh...
+1 July 08 2016 15:43:04 piperErnie440
lol, you're probably right but it's my twisted musical fantasy, next time! Pfft
July 08 2016 15:44:37 piperpiper
LOL, too funny Wink
July 08 2016 15:58:02 pipermortheol
Only if you dress like Tinker Bell and Ernie dresses like Captin Hook..the one handed bass playerPfft
July 08 2016 16:00:38 piperpiper
OK...just for you...can I wear the bells again?..Oh..that's right I wasn't suppose to say that..sorry! ;P
BTW the last time Ernie had that hook it got caught in my dress!
July 08 2016 16:01:28 piperErnie440
Oh Yeah!!! Tinkerbell! Captain Hook is cool, down with that .. speaking of one handed bass players .. ever see this ...
July 08 2016 16:04:34 piperpiper
That's incredible! How the heck can he do that?
He's really good too!
July 08 2016 16:06:29 piperErnie440
Yeah, it's amazing how some over come difficulties ... powerful left I guess... I can't hear a thing if I try that .. he must have his amp cranked too ... I see he's got a scrunchy to dampen the strings from ringing too much down by the head of his bass.
July 08 2016 15:21:02
mortheolmortheol LOL...I just spit coffee all over my monitor reading your storyGrin
Wow Ernie "Mad" Bass skills hereGrin
Welcome to the Magical Mystery Garage..LOL
As a matter of fact I do park my car and a truck in there.
My motorcycle sits next to my drums. I probably shouldn't have left it running while we were jamming...that may have had something to do with our madness..LOLPfft

+1 July 08 2016 15:30:49 mortheolErnie440
hahaha!! Yes nothing like hitting up some monoxide .. we just call it "monox" for short when he want to catch a buzz in that garage... thanks ... it was a lot of fun .. but I have a headache now?? hehe smile.gifWink
July 08 2016 15:33:27 mortheolmortheol time we just stick with the "Purple Slime"!smile.gif
July 08 2016 15:35:24 mortheolErnie440
I know dude, as slimy and shitty tasting as that purple garbage is ... it's a much cleaner buzz!! Pfft
July 08 2016 15:50:08 mortheolmortheol
What...I thought that was my best batch yetPfft
July 08 2016 15:51:19 mortheolErnie440
True, best batch, but we both know it has to taste like shit to be potent and good! Pfft
July 08 2016 15:06:15
frenziefrenzie So skillful how your lines flow perfect harmony with the music great bass my man! smile.gif smile.gif
+1 July 08 2016 15:09:25 frenzieErnie440
How kind of you Tom, thanks buddy!! smile.gifWink

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