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Huge thank to Cody... Words are missing.

This track is a bit special and doesn't talk about soup. At all...
Listening to Cody's track, many feelings came to me.

Anyway, I'm not gonna write a book.
I've used parts of Martin Luther King's last speech (April/03/1968). The day before he's been shot to death...
I deeply admire who he was. His committement and his cause.
Here is a link to his speech:
I'm not talking about politic or religion.
Using a great man's words in a rock song can be felt as an improper use.

I do hope what I've done won't bother anybody. It would make me sick.

On another field...
Cody's template is called "Zuppa Toscana"
Here is a link to a recipe ;)

If someone needs the "vocals only" track, just ask^^
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September 06 2016 10:35:26
wikibebwikibeb superbe
+1 September 06 2016 10:49:09 wikibebFunkystan
Un grand merci Beb'...
Un clip en construction sur ce titre ^^
July 30 2016 23:46:38
FrankMilFrankMil This is excellent mate
+1 August 20 2016 21:41:58 FrankMilFunkystan
Hi Frank, thanks a lot. I'm back and I've got new ideas ^^
July 26 2016 06:59:40
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom trabalho
+1 July 26 2016 07:56:39 francisco alFunkystan
Muito obrigado Francisco ^^
July 25 2016 04:52:13
piperpiper Ooohhh this is cool Funky Stan. I like your vocals smile.gif
+1 July 25 2016 11:46:40 piperFunkystan
Thanks so much Piper. I love your vocals too ^^
July 25 2016 14:32:41 piperpiper
Thank you very much Stan, I really appreciate that Wink
July 23 2016 00:15:31
TofzegritTofzegrit Baaam !!
Very good work around vocals and words modulations, insert, backing...
Better and better Stan

+1 July 23 2016 10:18:35 TofzegritFunkystan
I'm having great fun on these days... Thanks for your support and kind words Tof' ^^
July 22 2016 18:53:03
pklieschpkliesch Supercool stuff, Stan!
+1 July 22 2016 19:11:59 pklieschFunkystan
Thanks a lot Pat'!
I'm listening to #78756. Such a cool template of yours^^
July 22 2016 16:16:32
dimeomaxdimeomax Fantastic voice on a great track.....perfect smile.gif
+1 July 22 2016 19:10:18 dimeomaxFunkystan
Thanks a lot pal ^^
July 22 2016 10:03:04
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Really great Stan ! Excellent true message !! Shout out !!!!!! smile.gif
+1 July 22 2016 10:19:59 frankyguitarFunkystan
Thanks a lot Franky!!!
I've always thought that a song should contain a message or stay an instrumental track^^
July 22 2016 08:26:11
rp3drumsrp3drums Awesome buddy!
+1 July 22 2016 10:17:13 rp3drumsFunkystan
Hi ray, special thanks to you for your support. The chorus lyrics were inspired by our talks... I guess your add is soon here... I keep eyes wide open!!!
July 22 2016 07:52:59
cschlotecschlote Really cool stuff.
+1 July 22 2016 10:13:52 cschloteFunkystan
Many thanks pal ^^

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