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September 10 2016 03:26:28
FrankisaurFrankisaur Very cool Jim. Reminds me of Zevon. Awesomness.
September 10 2016 02:49:47
2underpar2underpar Great mid 70's vibe on this one. Very cool.
September 10 2016 01:18:13
garymcmillgarymcmill This is special! Most excellent!!
Super track by all.

+1 September 10 2016 01:20:45 garymcmillGemmyF
Delved into the vault of treasure for this one! 4000's. Man This site! Thanks Gary!
September 10 2016 01:02:45
ivaxivax Awesome my friend,"usted tiene gancho" smile.gifthe essence of Bowie, and all his glamour came to my head
+0 September 10 2016 01:08:25 ivaxGemmyF
All about the music, jumping off and letting the up draft keep you floating---also on this one I wrote most of the words till about the last minute and had to start flapping my wings. Thanks Xavi! mucho!
September 10 2016 01:10:36 ivaxivax
perfect smile.gif
September 10 2016 00:16:04
Major 3rdMajor 3rd great Gemmy, also everyone else on it...great your singing man! right on...reminds me kind of ziggy stardust a bit....
+1 September 10 2016 00:38:20 Major 3rdGemmyF
It does me too. AND YES THE BAND IS HOT!!!!!!
September 10 2016 00:08:47
docnatdocnat Great Great ballad! Great voice, your voice reminds Bowie!!! I love this song, thanks GemmyF
+1 September 10 2016 00:39:11 docnatGemmyF
You guys in the band were great!
September 10 2016 00:05:04
PsychoPsycho Indeed I was there about a year ago smile.gif Very famous place, and I think you have a smash hit here. Really neat story you told Ulo. You sure can sing my friend, and I will cherish this one for sure. Thank you so much smile.gif !!!!
+0 September 10 2016 00:06:24 PsychoGemmyF
Thanks Bruce! I'm Edward Kimberly, the reckless son of Alma and...
September 10 2016 00:20:47 PsychoPsycho
lol.. I wasn't in Tootsie, but my real name is Edward (Eddie). I go by Bruce (middle name) because it was Dad's name too smile.gif
September 10 2016 00:37:09 PsychoGemmyF
do you were Halstons?
September 10 2016 00:50:47 PsychoPsycho
September 10 2016 00:53:54 PsychoGemmyF
Yeah part of the song, You know Tootsie, there's a scene at the end where Dustin Hoffman walking off with Jessica lange and she asks if she can borrow that Halston--it's a really expensive dress.
September 10 2016 01:04:28 PsychoPsycho
Oh, ok... it's been awhile since I've seen it smile.gif
September 10 2016 01:10:09 PsychoGemmyF
The first time when he starts taking off his woman's costume and saying he was Edward Kimberly, I almost snorted myself into to a comma!
September 09 2016 23:29:44
UloisiusUloisius I enjoy it ;o)
+0 September 09 2016 23:38:00 UloisiusGemmyF
I had written the words while listening, hit record--there it is! No rehearsal just go. That's a testament to the music being so perfect.

Did you see the movie Tootsie? Psycho had said he was in Nashville and went to Tootie's Orchid Lounge while he was there, no description, so I made the story using the movie Tootsie and kimbo's talk of looking fat in photos, and the sentiment in another song I just did about embellishing time, which was a response to Maramot by you--those are my sources.
September 09 2016 23:44:11 UloisiusUloisius
Nice to hear something about the origin of the lyrics. I like your approach very much. I also like the way you sing, I like very much ;o)
September 09 2016 23:47:24 UloisiusGemmyF
Thanks Uli!
Sounds like: [ David Bowie ] [ Edward Kimberly ]

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