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a worldwide backing track jam session.
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wikiloops.com is a meetingplace for musicians and music lovers.
Those who play an instrument and record are invited to collaborate by adding to each others tracks - all others are welcome to enjoy the music, or to use it as play along tracks for home practise.

If you came looking for some mp3 soundfiles to make your practicing more enjoyable,
you just came to the right place.
All tracks are free to play and download. Have a go!
But wikiloops is more than a torrent for mp3s -
it is a place to meet people from around the globe by jamming together.
Everyone doing their thing at the time they like, while still a part of an amazingly creative pool of musicians.

One of wikiloops.coms aims is to offer those looking for practice backings a great track missing the instrument you play easily, be it Guitar, Bass, Drums or whatever else you make noise with.

wikiloops offers a special search tool on its growing music collection so you can easily pick the genre or lineup you would like to play along to.

As you may imagine, a bunch of musicians creating a lot of different versions and remixes of tracks is quite a task to keep organized.
That's where the "wikiness" of this site makes it incredibly easy to keep track of things, and to be able to access all stages of the creative process down to the very first track.

All music is free to listen right away, and the player is configured to loop so you can go on practicing or jamming as long as you want. Unlimited free download of .mp3 tracks is available after signing in.
wikiloops is a community project based on donations and goodwill - Membership is free of charge.

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latest uploads:

  1. Arsalan playing guitar
  2. erbuncho on sax jamming with Baer, Dominik, Dick, nofish & Garytone
  3. jmrukkers on keys jamming with Baer, Dick & Carpenter
  4. cschlote on sax jamming with frizzguitar & jmrukkers
  5. JulienCachoi playing guitar

Best rated sessions:

  1. shumdrummer on drums

  2. Happo on keys jamming with Dafunkydrummer & Dick

  3. Shi sings jamming with Alex Sarikov & rastafari
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