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Slow POP

Slow POP
About this album:
Herzlichen Dank allen Musikern!jamlady created by jamlady on 05/18/2020

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Listened: 64 times

Involved artists:
Dafunkydrummer SlonMusic MajorTom_III Buran70 Jazzy akethesnaker MrAdamOnDrums Calle Stef Tofzegrit Balfo Johnnievocal rp3drums thegamusic jamlady Fishinmissio Blind-Dog aleonz alcino80 Drumshticks Mishteria frenzie Keiton JoshDexter morgan102 Ernie440 Mikebanez Danalyze45 JodyTripp DanDiplo jussef63 Stayn FrankMil Cassius


Review by frenzie on 05/18/2020

Grateful to be on your album! :):) You have many talents Claudia!!:):)

Cool Slow Pop Album


Review by Cassius on 05/21/2020

Thanks a lot Claudia. I'm proud to be on this album with all these excellent musicians :W
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