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About this album:
Enjoyed these tracks a lot.
The diversity of Moonchild is so great to listen to.

Marceys created by Marceys on 10/23/2017

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Your Signature Sound


Review by moonchild on 01/02/2018

The first time I heard one of your jams, a chord has been struck within my spirit! Your harmonic choices are unique and I resonate with them on a deep level... So, it has been a great pleasure listening to you on the loops, an honor to jam alongside you and a joy to hear this compilation. Blessings!



Review by GlezBass on 10/24/2017

It is always a pleasure to hear Marc as an author or collaborator, always...

Smooth and Cool


Review by jaeusm on 10/23/2017

Nice collection of tracks! I love your creativity that allows every track you touch to have your unmistakable, trademark sound. On top of that, it always sounds new and fresh. These tracks demonstrate that you're always in the groove with the right feeling at the right time!
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