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And Metalcore by SupJax

And Metalcore

And Metalcore
About this album

Impossible jams. Mnemic, Class Reunion & Skythrown explain subgenre Metalcore. Extroverted melodic groove, happiness, nostalgic. Solaris claim Deathcore, and Firework as electronic hybrid, both declare crazyness additionally to existing leads.
Bloody Merry, one drumless instrumental heavy lead duet, a rare growing aspect and the sound of Holy, major topic. Generic melodic Skythrown explains why. Technical Class Reunion engages. Mnemic combines all these things, unplugged acousticG & Vandal software amp . Now get your beers SupJax created by SupJax on Sep 4, 2017

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Metal or Mental


Review by TeeGee on Jun 11, 2018

I am not a Metal fan bay any means, and I confess that I don't really understand many aspects of this music. But I am interested in the technical aspects of it, especially the crazy tapping and mixing by Supjax. One thing is sure, the musicianship and technical abilities of the musicians here is top notch! And having listened to this album all morning, I found I actually enjoyed it more than I thought possible. Go figure :D Keep on tapping :W :W
Major 3rd

cutting edge


Review by Major 3rd on May 23, 2018

Supjax is a tremdenous player with immense creativity. When he touches something musically it takes on a unique fantastic quality..cutting edge!!



Review by jussef63 on Apr 3, 2018

This is a brutal album with very strong riffage and awesome edgy meolodic soloing that are about to go to insane places, I really enjoyed this stuff a lot, Gelo, YoWild, Haffast, SupJax, Lenny damn the track firework got my head banging...everything here screams great metal and beyond



Review by Mikebanez on Jan 20, 2019

very cool. great album❀❀❀❀❀

Crazy Good!


Review by DrStrgeglv on Jan 21, 2019

I like the he is able to articulate and convey an alternate sanity through expressive manipulation of sounds! This could qualify as artificial DMT... or something.
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