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Wikiworks 18

Wikiworks 18
About this album:
This has been an awesome journey making tunes and albums with so many great musicians. Thanks guys. Hope you enjoy the record.ArkRockStudio created by ArkRockStudio on 11/21/2017

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Involved artists:
ArkRockStudio Rob112 DanDiplo RobM MajorTom_III Drumshticks Bothen Ernie440 frenzie ALawrence1 nadrek GlezBass Acousticeg Fivestringer Leftdaloops1019 jamlady 1trumpet Caroljoyce PJE bhunt1 abuitremorem Fabricio L domsch1988 Lenny Cowler Inkless



Review by Fivestringer on 12/30/2017

I like the versatility you show, you're a real chameleon! And still the quality of every track/style is great, real ear candy.

Great music in this album


Review by abuitremorem on 11/29/2017

Great music in this album - thanks, for this compilation and that I may be there.

cool album


Review by JangoJam on 04/07/2020

hot cover
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