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Found in Translation

Found in Translation
About this album:
Here are some of my latest Wikiloops jams with some of my most favourite musicians. I have been very lucky to be able to write the lyrics, them sing them, on these brilliant templates. It's been a wonderful collaboration :)Dadinator created by Dadinator on 10/20/2017

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Involved artists:
frankyguitar pconey GrooveEnth Dadinator Faysal titi Bothen onorium adu jmrukkers apsummerlin ArkRockStudio GlezBass GeorgeLion bhunt1 GuitarPlyr ivax petebass Itocpogo Joe3000 Fishinmissio nadrek frenzie mpointon barkndog Pawlik jamlady



Review by apsummerlin on 10/21/2017

A nice collection with a variety of styles & genres! You have a great voice and write clever lyrics. Enjoyed it. And thanks for including me, glad to be a part of it.



Review by ArkRockStudio on 11/22/2017


Music, Music, Music, WONDERFUL!!


Review by Itocpogo on 10/20/2017

Such GREAT collaborations in all genres! For me it is a collection of joyful listening in one place with these wonderful musician playing on beautifully created themes!

Great Listen


Review by frankyguitar on 12/26/2017

Such a versatile collection of very good music! Much styles, genres and musical collaboration. I really had much fun while listening the album! It really makes me proud to be a little part in it! Thank you:)
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