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First steps

First steps
about this album:
When I learned about Wikiloops, a new world opened the doors for me. Even it was possible to enter a little bit into the jazzy side of music (coming from folk and campfire stuf...)
I would like to say BIG BIG THANK YOU to all of you wonderful guys who share their excellent music and give friends the chance to contribute, learn, feel community and create something new together.
All of you wonderful musicians on this album: it is my great honour to jam with you..
Thanks guys!!

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Offfocus created by Offfocus on 10/31/2017

Thumbs: 2
Listened: 111 times
involved artists:
Dafunkydrummer Marceys Offfocus gabriel289 Ernie440 titi FrankieJ Priscilla Zamzam davet GlezBass nadrek GrooveEnth Stef
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Fishinmissio from United States

"Better than Facebook..All the people here are the greatest!! Join in on the addiction! This one is the best addiction you will find. Healthy too!"

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