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TeeJazz - A Straight Circle - A Wikiloops Album by TeeGee

TeeJazz - A Straight Circle - A Wikiloops Album by TeeGee
About this album:
Me playing jazz is like a straight circle. A straight circle?? Still, I can't help myself on the odd occasion. I have been collecting these jams for a while now, some are straight jazz, some are jazz-rock, jazz-fusion, trip-jazz, jazz-blues and probably some songs that can't be categorized at all because they are a straight circle of minced music (I take full responsibility). Made together with the best jam buddies one can have. Thanks for listening, peace, love and music to us all. TeeGeeTeeGee created by TeeGee on 06/20/2019

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Listened: 647 times

Involved artists:
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cool work that is !


Review by OliVBee on 06/25/2019

TeeGee guitaring is already legendary on the loops but i also enjoyed Tee's production skills which are quite impressive as well :) Thanks everybody for the refreshing ride !

Klasse Album Mann ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 06/24/2019

Schön euch zuzuhören ;o) Eine kreative, jazzige Reise. Habe mir das Album schon auf den Stick gezogen, muss ich öfter hören ;o)

All of 'em are good -when TeeGee shines & everyone else does


Review by Leftdaloops1019 on 06/21/2019

track 4!!! track 3! track 6!!!!! track 7!! track 10!!! track 8!!!!!!! track 11!!!! WD Ernie TeeGee track 12 Thick and soupy track14 nice!!!!! by all

First class (with a glass of whiskey)


Review by Demian on 06/20/2019

Great compilation man! Wonderful music and clima. Im really honored to be here with you and many great players of this WL team. Thanks TeeGee!
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