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The Headbangers Down the Hall

The Headbangers Down the Hall
About this album:
Hi and welcome to my fifth WL album. This is basically a ROCK album, although some tracks may not tagged by that genre. Thanks to the many talented musicians who played on these tracks. And thanks to all of you who listen, comment, and like (thumb up) my tracks. Your inspiration is appreciated very much.apsummerlin created by apsummerlin on 12/02/2017

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Ezdrummer Ernie440 KMstar apsummerlin Simonymous petebass MajorTom_III Lenny Cowler Major 3rd MrAdamOnDrums Slimdaver Molber adu Gelo Fabricio L eGiL Dadinator Basster Neal_Visher FrankMil Inkless Evilvince WhiteDrum55 WHITEPONGO Gwenrann-V Demian wiseshanks melody0 Dafunkydrummer Woodstock
Major 3rd



Review by Major 3rd on 05/23/2018

love this album!! apsummerlin is a very creative and fabulous musician..I feel honored & humble to be on this album...thanks!



Review by Demian on 12/03/2017

Glad to participate in your Album! Thank you very much, i like your music you have a good style. See you in the next jam!

More Eggs


Review by KMstar on 12/03/2017

Thanks for including me in your fun my friend! A great album with some of my wiki favorites too. Great Album Alan! :
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Jerome31 from France

"Thanks for the pleasure you give to all of us, and for the great idea you got creating this site.... this is already a reference for musicians!"

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