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Backwash by ivax


About this album

This is my third year on Wikiloops, all this time wonderful things have happened, along with all of you, as I have always gotten into some other mess, trying to learn from several different styles, and inevitably merging matters, which is what I I think it's more interesting, to thank everyone for the support and encouragement that you give me every day, with your very interesting works, that I would like to play in all the Jams I hear <3 ivax created by ivax on Dec 31, 2017

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Xavi The Great


Review by GreenDog on Jan 3, 2018

Fantastic compilation of songs ,many different styles and vibes but always with the same magic.Gran álbum amigo con muy buen gusto como siempre,muchas gracias por meter al loco perro verde dentro.



Review by Mikebanez on Dec 31, 2017

Such great versatility. Your like a musical chameleon adapting to any style. pleasure being part of your collection .Happy New Year

Good that you are here...Amigo! ;)


Review by adu on Dec 31, 2017

Great Album from great musicians and thanks for making me a part of it.:)



Review by davidaustin on Dec 31, 2017

Thank you for being part of your album, your style of guitar has a big big influence on me, I only wish I could keep up with you. Gracias mi amigo.

Great Album!


Review by Offfocus on Dec 31, 2017

Hey Xavi , I love this album.. great .. exciting .. surprising .. and so very xavi-like. You give so many songs a very unique sometimes a bit mystic flavor and I simply love your guitar sound, man. I had so much fun with you and your music in 2017 .. let‘s keep on jamming together in 2018 .. ... and finally I feel very honored to have a place on your album .. thank you, Xavi!

Eclectic and creative. Great album


Review by ArkRockStudio on Dec 31, 2017

Thanks for adding me Xavi, great collection.

An Honor


Review by ALawrence1 on Dec 31, 2017

Grateful for being a part of your art. Thanks Xavi! Great album!

Super Xavi Album!


Review by Ernie440 on Dec 31, 2017

It's great playing with you man, love your sound. You always enhance the music so well. In your unique style!!

Excellent variety of tracks


Review by Wade on Jul 9, 2020

So many styles where you fine playing has shined and made them so much more.

The Showcase


Review by axenvocs on Jan 7, 2018

A great collection of tunes and display of how well you adapt to different styles fantastic Xavier

Hot music ;o)


Review by Uloisius on Jan 4, 2018

Great music, every track a journey ;o) Congratulations to all involved musicians!
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Just a Basement hobbyist but the hours of entertainment wikiloops has brought me and my guitar rig are worth so much more than my (father of 2 little ones) butt can give! Thanks Wikiloops keep up the great work (all of you musicians as well!).
allfeel from United States

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