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The Way

The Way
About this album:
Second album, with many friends, thank you everybody for sharing your music and gratitude to Wikiloops for this wonderful placeCristóbal created by Cristóbal on 03/20/2018

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Answer to Chris - B


Review by Cristóbal on 03/23/2018

Dear friend, it´s fantastic to share these melodies with so great musicians, songs, lyrics, performance, musical arrengements, ...in many of them, i would need more rehearsal, play the same song more times for doing it better, but i feel like a child who finds a place with millions of toys and doesn´t know what to choose, no time for so many good material, thank you for hearing The Way, and i hope we will play together many more times

A great "Way" to music, Cristobal.


Review by Chris-B on 03/23/2018

I've just listened to your complete album and I have to say that all of this is really good music, my friend. Thank you for having added me in.
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