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Take a look at yourself - GemmyF & Crew

Take a look at yourself - GemmyF & Crew
About this album:
Some songs with wikiloopers playing, and singing and joining in for a fun time!Leftdaloops1019 created by Leftdaloops1019 on 05/23/2018

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UrielWhite Nige jmrukkers Leftdaloops1019 StJray Gone318 eGiL ArkRockStudio MrTighttime MrAdamOnDrums Ernie440 axenvocs frankyguitar Simonymous BuzzBomber Weazle adu Demian Ivanovitch gabriel289 moonchild GlezBass LeftTheLoops9-18 Dadinator

Another Gemmy Classic


Review by Ernie440 on 05/24/2018

What else could it be, anytime Gemmy puts an album together it's a classic!! Classic Gemmy, classic creativity and fun and I'm damn proud and glad to be part of this historic collection of GemmyF & Crew soundscapes! Yeah!!


Review by Nige on 05/29/2018

thanks although i would like to re track the drums as i had only been playing a few months when this was recorded.

Mr. Cool


Review by axenvocs on 05/24/2018

A cool album by a very cool dude. Some great stuff here brother


Review by Demian on 05/24/2018

Great album Jim! Thanks for include me in some tracks. You are allways a reference for me, i like your eclectic style.
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