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Song of Spring.

Song of Spring.
About this album:
Some recent cool songs with new gear and new inspiration with cool and talented musicians...It was so cool to play with you on these songs mates, thank you all very much, and thank to my marvellous Joëlle for the inspiration.Evilvince created by Evilvince on 04/26/2018

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Involved artists:
Mikebanez WhiteDrum55 Evilvince FrankMil Lenny Cowler Keeper Inkless Midoru Koldov Mika Tohve KellsBells Neca timp Haffast StJray Herman420 YoWild shumdrummer


Review by timp on 04/26/2018

Seriously good album Evil. Thank you for featuring me on one of your tracks. Cheers!


Review by Herman420 on 04/27/2018

Thanks for adding me to your earhole pleasure! This is epic!
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