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The Wiki Legends Band by Ernie440

The Wiki Legends Band

The Wiki Legends Band
About this album

Indeed, the project started with good intentions and I think we did do a few good tunes, thanks to all involved and special thanks to Glen (DrStrgeglv) who took the time to make sure some tunes were selected and published in a playlist and it was his suggestion I actually make an album. Thanks to any and all guests on some of our tunes. Glen already wrote something ages ago, so I am going to let him introduce this in his own inimitable way. Glen speaks:

"Last year, Ernie440 had a dream... that dream became, "The Wiki Legends Band". The lineup included Ernie, RP3drums, Arnosolo, Me, and Major3rd. We started off with great enthusiasm and high expectations. Then later it became a lot of work and less fun, so naturally we all came back to the general population and abandoned our project. This is a compilation of some of our more finished work, along with a few other songs which included most of us playing with honorary legends in their own rite. Major3rd played a MAJOR role here, but alas.... he never got to the authorization part, so he appears in "ghost" form only... so sad. Hope you like!" Ernie440 created by Ernie440 on May 1, 2018

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Review by jjdf on Jun 23, 2018

it's a cool experience listen to you guys:W :) good work!:W

Great album


Review by ARNOSOLO on May 1, 2018

We had really some fun with this project ! Thx my friends for the great moments we shared ;-)

So good


Review by Telemetry on Jan 28, 2021

Great playing and nice vocals. True rock album.
Major 3rd



Review by Major 3rd on May 4, 2018

What a great bunch of guys and players..cream of the crop! Great songs and album! cheers!!!

Great work guys


Review by GemmyF on May 2, 2018

nice to hear a collection of songs that has direction and a consistent group of guys working on them......Super Guys......Thanks Ernie for collecting it all.

Wicked cool


Review by axenvocs on May 2, 2018

Great collection fantastic musicians a fun listen

Thank You!


Review by DrStrgeglv on May 2, 2018

Thanks for doing the extra work to put this album together! Contributing to this project was an honor of the highest level! It gave me a sense of purpose and comradery while everything else in the "real" world was caving in from all sides. For a couple months we all behaved like professional song creators! I hope that effort is reflected in the listening experience for those who never knew what we were doing behind the curtain! YAY!
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