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ArkGlezGeorge Syndicate

ArkGlezGeorge Syndicate
About this album:
Track selection made by GeorgeLion on the drums, ArkRockStudio on keys and GlezBass on the bass, all with a taste of ethnic sound that many loopers will remember sounds and textures of Weather Report and Zawinul Syndicate, precisely from this last group will inspire the title of the album saving the logical distances. Almost all the tracks are started by a rhythm of Jorge (GeorgeLion) and then we add Titus (ArkRock) or Mario (GlezBass) on the bass. Enjoy the selection loopers !!!GlezBass created by GlezBass on 05/06/2018

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Involved artists:
GeorgeLion GlezBass ArkRockStudio

Exploración y fusión


Review by jussef63 on 05/09/2018

Excelente´, gran influencia étnica, me agrada mucho la fusión creada aquí. Saludos y felicidaes a todos. Congratulations to every one, lots of etnic influences, great fusion


Review by GeorgeLion on 05/06/2018


Great accomplishment


Review by ArkRockStudio on 05/06/2018

Thanks to both Mario and George for making great music and am helping myself re-explore and expand on my skills. Hope to the future for more success such as this. Thanks again.

AGG Syndicate 👍


Review by Jypeka on 06/08/2018

wow what a beautiful album, which reminds me of the playlists of my 20 years, I listened all from A to Z, and I could not help but put some tracks in my watchlist
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