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bizarre encounters 2

bizarre encounters 2
About this album:
Part 2 of my bizarre encounters here on wikiloops. I hope you like the choice and you have a lot of fun listening. Special thanks to all involved musicians here on the album and especially to Dick for his tireless work that he does here every day ;o)Uloisius created by Uloisius on 10/12/2018

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Involved artists:
drdrumbeat MrAdamOnDrums Rickplayer mpointon piper ericblom josepssv miguel1974 abuitremorem WHITEPONGO Alby jaz100 Pexe Tofzegrit titi Uloisius Leftdaloops1019 Midoru tocoievsky AKchen bhunt1 StonyCat WhiteDrum55 Ernie440 kucho



Review by Pexe on 10/12/2018

Nice to be part of this creative album!

Lol definetly worth a listening


Review by TeeGee on 10/18/2018

Some strange and wonderful tracks you discovered :)

Thank you Ulo


Review by abuitremorem on 10/13/2018

Thank you Ulo for this compilation of great music. I discovered new fantastic tracks on it. Nice that I was allowed to be there.
Major 3rd



Review by Major 3rd on 12/09/2018

Great line up and album...also very cool album cover pic! salute!



Review by AKchen on 11/13/2018

du machst dir wirklich ne Menge Arbeit beim Raussuchen & es lohnt sich ... geniale Tracks :)
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