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Wilderness Return.

Wilderness Return.
About this album:
Some of my preferate songs that I played here with my talented and inspirated friend Inkless and awesome musicians that I met on Wikiloops.
Artwork "Memories of the Train" by Sara AbramsEvilvince created by Evilvince on 07/18/2018

Thumbs: 7
Listened: 945 times

Involved artists:
piper Inkless Evilvince Dafunkydrummer Keeper Mika Tohve SamHansen JonJon Lenny Cowler Jypeka Drumanizer woXey rp3drums Burak Anon518
Herring K

Beautiful Prog-Rock album


Review by Herring K on 07/26/2018

I was swimming in the Wiki album section yesterday when I saw the "Prog Rock" tag on this album by Evilvince. As we are a Prog Rock project too, I had to have a look. Boy, what a pleasant surprise! I can truly say that this collection is one of the best I have heard here, one song after the other is great, Evil and Ink together with the different drummers have a very distinct sound. I listened to it 2 times yesterday, and a third time today on shuffle - fantastic! Best of Wikiloops right here!

High Quality of varied songs !


Review by Caroljoyce on 07/21/2018

Congratulations to all the musicians involved in this album. I'm very surprised by your creativity, and the high quality of your sounds. This album deserves a huge thumb. Thank you Vince for sharing this. I really enjoyed it.

This needs to be on charts


Review by Burak on 07/21/2018

First of all,thanks for using my tracks for this album.Second,this is one of the best albums in wikiloops!

"Wilderness Return." Falling


Review by Acousticeg on 07/20/2018

Two thumbs up!

Un Album à ne pas manquer


Review by TheXBass on 07/18/2018

Voilà un album avec des morceaux variés tous aussi bons les uns que les autres avec des musiciens d'un excellent niveau technique et grandement inspirés.
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