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Welcome to Elx

Welcome to Elx
About this album:
From the city of Palm trees, day by day, I sit in front of the PC screen, guitar in hand and there is always a corner where you can do Jam with friends of Wikiloops, Thank you all.

Special collaboration of Onorium on the Bass in "Slap on it"ivax created by ivax on 09/09/2018

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Involved artists:
woXey SlonMusic ivax Zamzam eGiL fanne Liesching Mikebanez Ernie440 freebird frenzie Stef TheXBass axenvocs JonJon JEF29730 Vinko GlezBass Gigster Drum davidaustin Dafunkydrummer mpointon jjdf Mika Tohve tullicbr WhiteDrum55 Offfocus Pawlik powellto Fishinmissio

listened with much pleasure ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 09/17/2018

wonderful album my friend ;o)

Vintage Xavi


Review by TeeGee on 09/13/2018

Listened to this album, as always good smooth beautiful guitar playing, unmistakable Xavi style!

Beautiful bundle of tunes.


Review by jjdf on 09/10/2018

Thanks my friend!😁
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