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About this album:
SOME TRACKS THAT WERE PLAYED "lately". From the first track with myself, eGil and Tof to the last track with guitarist, franciso al on drums, TeeGee on Wah guitar, Ernie440 on bASS and myself on wails, the album goes through maybe 60 to 70 years of music history---If you include hartmut's template could almost be 100 years of music history. My hope would be that more people that aren't players on this album could listen to this album, listen and enjoy it ......but if not, it is a record of what's been going on Lately! Leftdaloops1019 created by Leftdaloops1019 on 08/17/2018

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Listened: 519 times

Involved artists:
hartmut jamlady Leftdaloops1019 eGiL Tofzegrit francisco al TeeGee Ernie440 apsummerlin WhiteDrum55 GrooveEnth OliVBee JMB65 Gone2-19 BuzzBomber pkliesch pconey frenzie Bothen Marceys StonyCat Caroljoyce Evilvince GreenDog PDMuzak

Astounding Collection of Tunes


Review by Ernie440 on 08/18/2018

The Man, The Legend!!! Another fine collection from that Corpus Christi creator of wild muzik!! Glad to take part and be on the Gemmy musical train once again!! All hail!!!

Nice Collection


Review by apsummerlin on 08/18/2018

Of the tracks I've not heard before, I particularly enjoyed 'Bear Claw Sweepin the Nation'. Good stuff, glad to be a participant.

Unlimited Creativity Corporation


Review by GreenDog on 08/19/2018

Some people were born to create, Jim is one of the greatest I've ever met.GREAT compilation of sounds and styles with a good taste ,glad to be part .;):)

So cool


Review by frenzie on 08/18/2018

You are very talented and original!! :) :) great album jim!

Good Music.


Review by Evilvince on 08/17/2018

Very nice work Gemmy, there's a lot of cool song there. Glad to be aboard.

Creative Madness but I like it lalalmuahahahaha


Review by TeeGee on 08/27/2018

Nice one crazy bro, some fine vocals in there. Keep it up :W

Hell of a chef


Review by Bothen on 08/20/2018

Excellent album Jim. From the sublime to the outrageous and everything in between you have it all covered. A pleasure to be apart of this.
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