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Songs from the blue room

Songs from the blue room
About this album:
My third album of collaborations with Wikiloops friends.

It contains my personal hit of this 2018 summer which will be over soon, a jam with 2 other bass players (tres hermanos hehe), some tracks in Bahasa Indonesia and in German, and one where I mixed some prerecorded tracks only. That one also has JMB65 from another branch of the song's tree, so his icon doesn't appear here.

Also has some nice memories of the Wikiloops meeting 2018 in Steinfeld.

As always, it has been a pleasure to jam with you ladies & gentlemen - thanks again! Hope you like my little "blue" compilation :)wjl created by wjl on 09/16/2018

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Listened: 1341 times

Involved artists:
StJray Shi wjl Pewi pconey GrooveEnth jussef63 aleonz Wikimark FrankieJ Offfocus Pawlik Tofzegrit OliVBee Dafunkydrummer ARNOSOLO jÜrGeN ERWAN Marceys marmotte Lenny Cowler adu MajorTom_III

Realmente perfecto, Really perfect!!!


Review by fblack on 10/25/2018

Espectacular álbum, Felicitaciones!! Spectacular album, Congratulations !! Algún día me animaré a participar!! Someday I will encourage you to participate!

Cool Stuff from Wolf & Gang


Review by TeeGee on 09/26/2018

Very smooth listening on this collection :)

Blue summer notes


Review by StJray on 09/22/2018

Hey my friend, Thank you for this musical sharing and have selected us with you for this beautiful "blue" compilation summer 2018. Ray

a wonderful collection


Review by Pewi on 09/17/2018

I am very happy to be a part of this wonderful collection, thank you Wolfgang!

Fabulous album


Review by ARNOSOLO on 09/17/2018

Thx so much Wolfgang to share such good tracks ;-)

Mr SubbtleSweetness


Review by Tofzegrit on 09/17/2018

You are one of these guys who just put the right breath.



Review by ERWAN on 09/16/2018

very nice, the tracks sequence gives a real finish work. Glad to be with you friends.

Great Album!!


Review by Offfocus on 09/16/2018

Hey Wolfgang .. what a wonderful album .. have downloaded it, should be with me! Very nice music, great musicians. I feel very honoured you let me in!! Thanks a lot, Wolfgang!

Fine Album !


Review by adu on 09/16/2018

Very good music! Thanks for being on it! ;)
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