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soft tension 2

soft tension 2
About this album:
Herzlich willkommen zu soft tension die 2te. 14 ruhige tracks aus dem wiki-universum zum entspannen, träumen, wegbeamen. Tausend dank an alle beteiligten musiker und an Dick für all die arbeit die er sich macht damit uns dieser tolle treffpunkt im netz erhalten bleibt ... SUPPORT WIKILOOPS ;o)Uloisius created by Uloisius on 05/04/2019

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Great selection


Review by GlezBass on 05/04/2019

Original title for the album ;) Thanks for include me Ulo!
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Stef from Italy

"If someone had told me that one day I played with musicians from all over the world I would have taken for a madman. Today this is real! Thanks Dick "

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