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It gets jazzier...

It gets jazzier...
About this album:
My fourth album since joining Wikiloops in February this year (8 months ago).

And again I had the pleasure and the honour to play with so many world-class musicians, wow. Don't know what to say except "thank you!", and to contribute this back to all of you.

Thanks to TeeGee for the band name which I took from his comment on my last album - great that I could finally play with him on this one!

Love you, gang! And thanks! Hope you like my new collection.wjl created by wjl on 10/31/2018

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Baer FrankieJ ivax wjl Neronick moonchild OliVBee marmotte Don_T TeeGee ERWAN Shi Dafunkydrummer MajorTom_III Fishinmissio adu AnneCozean TomasFoe RobM Wade Marcelo D nilton KellsBells Wikimark

Very nice collection of jazz...


Review by TeeGee on 11/14/2018

...except one song :O but thanks for including that one ;)

Cool Wolf and the Gang :)


Review by Tofzegrit on 11/01/2018

velvet and sweetness with swing tendencies, that's the way !

Schönes Album....


Review by adu on 11/01/2018

...zeigt es doch was wir hier alles erschaffen. Schöne Musik die den Vergleich mit professionellen Produktionen nicht scheuen muss. Vielen Dank das ich dabei sein darf .

In "Depth" Sincerity


Review by Wade on 11/01/2018

So glad to be a part of this, but even more important was having the excuse and opportunity to hear so many fine tacks from Wolfgang.

the golden voices


Review by ERWAN on 10/31/2018

glad to be with you friends Eine schöne Hingabe an unsere Sänger und ihre Stimme in Gold
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